If you’re trying to shift towards making a living as an online creator, one of the keys to success is having multiple revenue streams. In this useful video, photographer Evan Ranft gives you 10 great tips to help you on your way.

Finding the time and the energy to commit to all 10 is probably something of a challenge at first, especially if you’re holding down a regular job, but there’s plenty here to consider as you start putting some foundations in place.

Particularly inspiring is Ranft’s assertion that it’s not too late to start a YouTube channel, and it doesn’t have to be lucrative for it to bring you financial benefits.

NFTs are a new addition and bring some controversy, whether it’s the fact that they’re environmentally questionable or potentially just a pyramid scheme to make money for crypto traders by pumping up the overall value of Ethereum.

It’s also worth considering that the level of ownership that an NFT gives you is also questionable, especially when you consider that, as pointed out in this article from April 1, that an NFT of an NFT recently sold for an insane amount of money.

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