Do I need to give you my social media accounts passwords?

We have our own social dashboard that we’ll use to schedule your posts.

When you first start working with us, we’ll walk you through how you can connect your social media accounts to our dashboard.

Once you’ve connected your social media accounts to our dashboard, we’ll do the rest. 

What happens if you send content that I don't like?

If there is something that you don’t like, click the REVISION BUTTON and state what needs to be changed/improved. We will get on it ASAP, the revisions are FREE WITHOUT A LIMIT, We will work until you have a 5* happy. 🙂

When will you start managing?

We create the whole content in advance, for the whole month and send it to you for approval.

After you approve the whole content, we will close the order and start with the 30-days managing/posting.

Do you Run ADS?

No, we don’t offer ads management services at the moment.

You say 6 social media accounts, but I have 1? Is there a discount?

The prices are the same whether it is 1 or 6 social media accounts. We encourage you to open or have 6 social accounts in order to give your business a wider reach. 

We charge one low price for all 6 social media accounts we schedule to.

Let’s say you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business for your business, we’ll schedule content to those accounts.

There’s no need for you to create an Instagram and Pinterest account, unless you want to.  Do what you feel is right for your business, and we’ll share great content to all of your accounts. 

When will the first post be published?

Before publishing the first post, We will need 2-3 days to study your niche, do research, create the graphic designs, and generate content for each of them. The designs will be sent to you for review and approval prior to posting them.

Will I be able to see the graphic designs before they are published?

Yes, the graphic designs will be sent to you beforehand so that you can review them and provide your own feedback/comments.

How are the posts created?

The posts are created based on your website and niche. They are one-of-a-kind branded posts relevant to your business accompanied with engaging content, trending hashtags and emojis. 

Our remote team are all in different locations, so we are able to run our social media marketing services without interruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our processes ensure that if one of our remote team or even if the business Co-Founders were to fall ill, your quality social media content will continue to be produced and published with no interruption.

Should I expect audience growth from Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is used to build professional accounts with informative, engaging content and attractive posts. It is also used to keep the existing audience active and engaged. For this reason, a specific number of audience growth is NOT promised/expected.

What if my brand/business is not very active on Social Media?

This is why we are here for; to establish an online Social Media presence for you. Daily posting, appealing graphic designs, relevant content, trending hashtags, and more, will help you reach a wider audience organically.

Will this increase my sales?

Increased sales have been reported by previous clients, but are not guaranteed.

What if my business/brand is not very active on Social Media?

That is what I’m here for! I will establish an online presence for you. Consistent posting, appealing &orginal content, relevant/trending hashtags, and more will help you reach a larger audience organically.

Will Social Media Management grow my audience?

Social Media Management is an effective way to build professional and attractive accounts. It includes consistent posting accompanied by relevant content and trending hashtags. Audience growth will come organically, but it is not promised.

When does our collaboration begin?

Our collaboration begins by placing your order & you submitting the requirements that are requested. Having received the requirements, We will need 1-2 days to analyze your niche and conduct hashtag research. This will help me create original content and deliver trending hashtags unique to your market.


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